How do I enter dates and times in the Calendar?

Click the “Calendar” link at the top of any screen.

Calendar link

Then add an event at the top of the right sidebar.

Add an event

You can add an event at a certain time, a certain date, a specific date and time, or spanning multiple days. Use the following formats:

Click a day, then type the time before the event.

  • 9am Client breakfast
  • 6:30pm Dinner

Type the date before the event. You can use full months or abbreviations.

  • January 7 Catherine’s birthday
  • Oct 29 Sam’s birthday
  • 7/12 Meleah’s birthday

Dates and times

  • July 15 2pm Dentist (ugh!)
  • 9/12 8pm Calexico concert

Multiple days

  • August 3 – August 16 Vacation
  • Jan 24 – Feb 6 Sales trip
  • 8/10 – 8/25 Conference in London

You can see this information within Backpack by clicking the “Enter dates and times” link under the “Add an event” field.

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