What is iCal(endar) and how do I use it with Basecamp?

Basecamp allows you to subscribe to your milestones and events and have them appear in your desktop/web-software Calendar such as The Backpack Calendar, Apple iCal, Mozilla Calendar, or Outlook 2007 or later (Basecamp does not work with Microsoft Entourage at this time).

To subscribe, click the “Calendar’ tab.

Then click the “Subscribe to iCalendar” link at the bottom of the page.

You can also subscribe to the combined feed of milestones and events across all of your projects by clicking the “Global iCalendar” link at the bottom of the Dashboard page.

Your calendar might only check the iCalendar feed every 30 minutes or some times even only once per day. It depends on the calendar and the settings. But if you don’t see changes showing up immediately, this is why.

You can see a full video of the Calendar here.

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