Can I add comments or files on milestones?

Yes, you can easily attach files and post comments on to-dos and milestones.

Hover over a milestone and you’ll see comment icon after a milestone. A green icon means there are new comments on that item. A dark grey comment icon means there are comments on that item, but you’ve already read them. And if an item doesn’t have any comments, you’ll see an empty comment icon when you hover over that item.

Clicking the comment icon will take you to the comments view for that milestone. Each comment also has it’s own permalink, so you can deep-link to that specific comment.

Note: Because of changes to the Basecamp Calendar feature, you’ll have a Calendar tab instead of the Milestone tab in the video. We’re working on updating this video as quickly as we can. Rest assured that the Calendar tab will work like the Milestone tab does.

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