Can I import or export tags?

Tags are automatically included in Highrise exports.

You can export by a specific tag by selecting the tag and clicking the “Export” link on the right side of your contacts page.

Tags can be imported when importing a CSV or Excel file. The Highrise field for tags is titled “Tags”.

In your file, you’ll want to add your tags to this column. If you want to add more than one tag, separate each tag by a comma in the same column.

Here’s an example of importing the tags — Design and Highrise.

Make sure you map your fields correctly and then import your CSV or Excel file.

An important note is Highrise gives you the choice to “Add tags” or “Replace tags”.

Add Tags: this will add to the existing tags in your Highrise account, and it’s the default option when importing contacts.

Replace Tags: this option will remove existing tags and replace them with the tags in your file.

Choose to add or replace tags and import you contacts, you’ll then find your contacts tagged correctly:

You can also bulk update contacts and follow the same steps to import/add tags to contacts.

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