Dropbox 101: How do I forward, cc, or bcc an email to my Highrise?

Each Highrise user has a dropbox address. This dropbox address is a unique email address that is used to help you track email communication with the people that matter to you.

You can forward, BCC, or CC your dropbox address, and Highrise will attach that email to the appropriate contact in your account.

Each user can find their own individual dropbox address by going to the “My Info” link in the right corner their account.

If you’re an admin or user, this link will be under the “Settings” section in the right corner of your account. The Account Owner will find this link under the “Account & Settings” section in the right corner of an account.

From your “My Info” section of your account, click on the “Email dropbox” link to see your personal dropbox address.

dropbox address

In this example, Chris is BCC’ing his dropbox address to one of his contacts, Michael Scott. The dropbox address tells Highrise to associate this email to the right contact in his account. Any email attachments will make their way into Highrise too.

dropbox address example

While this example is BCC’ing a dropbox address, you can also CC your dropbox address when you send an email to someone.

If you receive a reply from one of your contacts, you can forward the reply directly to your dropbox address. Highrise will associate the email to the contact or email address in the “From:” field.

Please Note: Highrise is optimized to work with plain-text emails that have a “From:” line in the body of the message

For example - From: Jane Doe <>

If the emails you’re sending into Highrise are formatted in HTML, please add your dropbox address to the address book and indicate that this recipient wants plain-text messages not HTML.

Without this “From:” part of the email in plain-text, Highrise won’t be able to associate the email with the right contact in your account.

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